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[NON-HALAL] Euro Deli Smoked Streaky Bacon 200g
[NON-HALAL] Edwards of Conwy 6 Traditional Pork Sausages 350g
[NON-HALAL] Edwards Traditional Pork Sausage 400g
[NON-HALAL] Solisege Pork Barbeque Sausage 200g
[NON-HALAL] Sakura Sliced Pork Shoulder 300g +/-
[NON-HALAL] Johnsonville Hot and Spicy Sausages 360g
[NON-HALAL] Solid Food Black Forest Ham 150g
[NON-HALAL] Solisege Emmenthalar Sausage 200g
[NON-HALAL] Minced Pork 300g+/-
[NON-HALAL] Meaty Bacon Side Ham 200g
[NON-HALAL] Pork Loin Steak (Local) 300g+/-
[NON-HALAL] Pork Shoulder Steak 300g +/-
[NON-HALAL] Bae-Go-Pa Smoked Chicken Sausage 240g
[NON-HALAL] Meaty Butcher Ham 150g
[NON-HALAL] Meaty Honey Glazed Ham 150g
[NON-HALAL] Meaty French Ham 150g
[NON-HALAL] Meaty Gammon/California Ham 150g
[NON-HALAL] CS Salted Egg Mai 15pcs/pack
[NON-HALAL] Pork Spare Ribs 300g +/-
Solid Food Chicken Cocktail 500g
[NON-HALAL] Berkcious Pork Soup Bone 300g
[NON-HALAL] Berkcious Minced Pork 300g
Full Glory Pork Sandwich Ham 200g
[NON-HALAL] Meaty Honey Baked Ham 150g

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