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Cavendish Banana (Malaysia)
Lemon (Egypt) 5pcs/pack
Blueberry 125g
Blueberry 125g
RM 9.90
Lemon (Egypt) 1unit
Honey Jackfruit (Malaysia) 400g
Valencia Orange 8pcs/pack
White Dragon Fruit (Vietnam) 1unit
Hass Avocado (Australia) 3pcs/pack
Pink Lady Apple (New Zealand) 8pcs/pack

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Cavendish Banana (Malaysia)
Cameron Garden French Bean (Kacang Buncis) (Malaysia) 250g
Potato (Ubi Kentang) 1kg
Cameron Garden Probiotic Siew Pak Choy (Malaysia) 250g
Enjoy Japanese Cucumber (Kyuri) (Malaysia) 300g
NutriPlus Omega-3 Chicken Eggs 15pcs/pack
Lemon (Egypt) 5pcs/pack
Broccoli (China) 1unit
Sweet Corn (Malaysia) 2pcs/pack
Cameron Garden Baby Spinach (Malaysia) 100g
Eco Harvest Lady Fingers (Malaysia) 200g


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Coles Chocolates Mint Supremes Biscuit 200g
Coles Rice Cracker with Seaweed 100g
Coles I'm Free From Gluten, Wheat and Nuts Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Cookies 160g
Coles Finest Pure Canadian Maple Syrup 250ml
Coles Pure Australian Honey 500g
Coles Rice Cracker Cheese Flavour 100g
Coles Drinking Chocolate 400g
Coles Crinkle Potato Chips Salt Vinegar 175g
Coles Original Crinkle Cut Chips 175g
Coles Chocolate Caramel Deluxe Biscuits 200g
Coles Breakfast Cereal Frooty Rings 300g
Coles Hot Chocolate Sachets 10pcs/pack

Organic Food Cupboard

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Save 20%
Naturel Organic Spaghetti 500g
Save 20%
Naturel Organic Macaroni Pasta 500g
Save 20%
Naturel Organic Fusilli 500g
Australia's Own Organic Almond Milk 1L
Linwoods Shelled Hemp 225g
h/p  dried active yeast(nat)100g*1
Ma Ma Mi Organic Quinoa Real Mix 500g
Ma Ma Mi Organic Wave Chia Seeds 200g
Papatan Organic Rolled Oats 500g
Biogreen Pac-37 Whole Dried Cranberries 170g
Etblisse Purple Star Crunch 220g

[Non-Halal] Wine

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Save 17%
Cadbury Dairy Milk Mini Bites Chocolates 180g
Save 13%
Beringer Classic Chardonnay 750ml
Save 26%
Mcguigan Black Label Sauvignon Blanc 750ml
Hole in the Water Sauv Blanc 750ml
Save 26%
McGuigan Black Label Shiraz 750ml
Wolf Blass Bilyara Shiraz Wine 750ml
Save 26%
McGuigan Black Label Cabernet Cabernet Sauvignon Wine 750ml
Wolf Blass Bilyara Sauvignon Blanc Wine 750ml
Save 26%
McGuigan Black Label Chardonnay Wine 750ml
Save 6%
Jacobs Creek Chardonnay 750ml
Jacobs Creek Chardonnay 750ml
RM 72.99 RM 77.90