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Cavendish Banana (Malaysia)
Farm Fresh Pure Fresh Milk 2L
NutriPlus Omega-3 Chicken Eggs 15pcs
RM 4
Lemon (Egypt) 5pcs/pack
Farm Fresh Pure Fresh Milk 1L
Mascorn Sweet Corn (Malaysia) 2pcs/pack
Cameron Garden Baby Spinach (Malaysia) 100g
Nutriplus Kampung Eggs with Omega-3 10pcs
Swiss Brown Mushroom 150g
NutriPlus Jumbo Eggs with Omega 3 10pcs
D’Fresh Classic Chicken Eggs 10pcs/pack
Gardenia Wholemeal Bread 400g
Green Chili Padi (Thailand) 100g
QL Deli Fresh Eggs 15pieces
Genting Garden Cherry Honey Tomato 275g
Red Chili Padi (Thailand) 100g
Hass Avocado (Australia) 3pcs/pack
Honey Jackfruit (Malaysia) 400g
Lemongrass (Malaysia) 170g
Grey Oyster Mushroom (Malaysia) 200g
Paprika Farm Holland Tomato (Malaysia) 400g
Farm Fresh Premium Chocolate Milk 1L

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