Barilla Bolognese and 2x Spaghetti Box Set 1 unit

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Title: 1 unit
RM 14.90


Special Offer Box Set contains

  • 1x Barilla Bolognese pasta sauce (400g)
  • 2x Barilla Spaghetti pasta (500g)

Barilla Bolognese Pasta Sauce is the perfect base to create a traditional Bolognese sauce. One of the most popular of all Italian sauces, Barilla’s Bolognese sauce contains 100% Italian tomatoes and no added preservatives. The blend of tomatoes with the simple flavours of onion, carrots, garlic and basil is perfect for lasagne, spaghetti or meatballs.

  • Traditional Bolognese sauce
  • 100% Italian tomatoes
  • Perfect for lasagne, spaghetti or meatballs.

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